Meet Our Staff

Executive DirectorMarissa Philipp, (She/Her)

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Hi there, I’m Marissa! I was originally hired at Kids Club in 2009 after moving to Seattle from Colorado! I started out as a staff member working with the 3rd-5th graders, and in 2015 when I returned from graduate school I was hired as the Executive Director. Prior to Kids Club, I had worked as a Before & Afterschool counselor and supervisor with programs in Colorado, where I grew up. I have worked in this field on & off for 19 years. Wow, time has flown! During my adult career, in addition to working with youth I have also worked as a psycho-educational group facilitator of parenting groups for court-ordered adults with domestic violence and drug & alcohol histories; and as a social worker for incarcerated adults serving Life Without Parole. I enjoy working with adults and children, and have found in this current line of work that I can connect with both, and that is the sweet spot for me! Outside of work hours I enjoy spending my time with my family. I have a spunky two-year-old daughter, a wonderful husband, and a fluffy malamute named Dobby! I love reading bumper stickers on cars, building forts in the living room, and baking treats from scratch. I used to knit, swim, and read, but until my child grows up a bit those are on hold, as I’d rather spend my time with her after a long day than miss any more of her growing up! 

Program Director   Shannon Marchand, (She/Her)

Hi! I’m Shannon. I started my career in after school programs in a low income housing community center. This work exposed me to many assets of social work and family support needs. I went on to work in the field of domestic violence, child protection, and child behavior and mental health. I have my Masters in Clinical Social Work and have worked in the field of trauma and parent education for the last ten years. I have experience in training and facilitating cultural competency initiatives and am passionate about that mission. Working in after school programs in collaboration with educators and families in support of youth is important to me. As for outside of work, I love spending time with my dog, who is a pug mix named Smokey. I also enjoy reading and creating art. Family and friends are what I value most outside of work.

Assistant Director Kiara (Kiki) McCallum, (She/Her)

Hello! Around here, everyone calls me Kiki. I am originally from North Carolina. I’ve been working at Kids Club for almost five years! Over the last two years, I’ve worked with 4th and 5th grade students at Stevens Elementary where I focused on a girls group of color where we met once a week and worked on our social skills, building confidence, and leadership. Throughout the year, I volunteer when I can as an advocate for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). This is a program that offers volunteers to help children that’s experienced neglect and/or abuse in the home and their well-being. I’m currently in school finishing my Early Childhood program here in Seattle. I work with the first and second graders here at Kids Club and sometimes you may find me working in the office in my new role as Assistant Director! I look forward to engaging with the children daily and offering a great support system here at kids club. When I am not working, I enjoy movie time with my son and watching my bearded dragon chase crickets in his tank for dinner!

Hi !! My name is Olivia, (she/her). I am was born and raised in south Seattle. I am currently a student at Howard University in Washington DC. I am majoring in Criminology with a minor in Human Development. In my free time, I play soccer and model. I love outdoor activities and always go on adventures. I have worked with individuals in the juvenile corrections facility in Washington DC and spent lots of time coaching soccer for ages ranging from toddlers all the way to the third graders. I really enjoy working with children and my plans for the future are to work in education policy. My end goal is to be the US secretary of education. 

Hi, I’m Micah (they/ them)! Micah, is really excited to be joining the Kids Camp family! They moved to Seattle a few years ago from Wisconsin where they had spent most of their summers working with various camp programs. When they are not at work, they can be found curled up inside with a new crafting project or getting their hands dirty gardening or in the woods. As an experiential learner themselves, Micah is all about hands on and creative learning. They are really looking forward to getting to know everyone! 

Hi I’m Alex (he/him)! Alex has been with Kids Club since spring 2019. He received a BFA in Theater from Roosevelt University in Chicago where he performed with various companies including Redmoon, Red Tape Theatre, Chicago Fringe Festival, Gryffin Theatre, Filet of Solo, and Lifeline Theatre. Alex has also worked in fundraising capacities with Seattle Opera and Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra. When he’s not at Kids Club, you can find Alex taking a hike, volunteering for an arts group, or chasing after his pet giraffe… speaking of, have you seen Fred? Alex misses him terribly 🙁

Hi I’m Ben (he/him)! I was born in Arizona to German immigrant parents. I grew up in Maple Valley, WA about 40 minutes South of Seattle. I love to read, write, and make music, and love to teach kids about how to engage in these subjects, which is why I majored in English with emphasis on education and librarianship from Central Washington University. Working with youth is a passion and I am excited to be apart of Kids Club!

My name is Jacqueline (they/ them) and I am from Covington, WA. I have been volunteering and working with children and adults for about 6 years. My goal here at Kids Club is to be inclusive, engaging and create a welcoming environment for everyone. I am part of a nonprofit organization called Warm Current that strives to teach the Native Youth how to surf. Being a part of this organization has given me perspective and has influenced me to want to work with younger people. I am also and artist, so you may see more art projects! I have college education and am also part of Association for Women in Science. I hope to one day make a difference for this planet and positively impact our youth.

Hi, my name is Annamaria (she/her)! I’m from a small town off the coast of WA. I come from a large family and grew up around lots of children! I am a child of immigrants and passionate about family and child advocacy. I attended Seattle Central College and received an Applied Bachelor of Science in Social and Human Services. I am very excited to work with the youth and families of Kids Club!

Hi, I’m Kell (he/him). Kell has worked with school-age children for over 6 years. He grew up in Seattle and went to school at Seattle Central and Central Washington University. He plays in a band with his wife Bailey and enjoys reading, cycling, and writing in his off time. Kell believes children are the key to a sustainable and equitable future, staking his career on this belief. He is currently working on a Master’s in Teaching.

Hello my name is Fune Tautala (he/him). I am from Tacoma WA. I am also an actor singer dancer in the Seattle area. I really enjoy sharing my love for the arts with the kids in kids club. I’ve also found a way to connect with the kids through sports. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the kids the past couple of years. This place never feels like a job. I look forward to seeing the kids everyday. If your child enjoys theater and/or sports I’d love to chat with them. It’s pretty great talking Shakespeare and football with the kiddos! 

Hello, my name is Janel (she/her)! I am originally from Ohio and moved to Seattle to work with middle school youth. Currently, I am focusing on finishing my degree in film making! My hobbies include sewing clothes and cooking! I look forward to working with youth and families of Kids Club!

My name is Aaron (he/him). I am a filmmaker and visual artist. I am from Cleveland Ohio. I graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in film production. I just got hired as a IA for Seattle Public School district during the school year and I can’t wait to spend my summer working with the kids at the club.

Meet Kendall (he/him)! Kendall is a graduate of the Seattle Children’s Theatre’s Internship Program and originally went to school for Theatre Education. Ever since, he has done many residencies in schools and partnered with places like Kaiser Permanente and the Seattle Science Center to bring education and learning to kids through play and performance. He loves stories and you will likely find him reading a book or watching a TV show. He is excited to work at Kids Club and to meet everyone!